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Otter Cliff In A Storm

One of the most exciting aspects of designing our new building was finding the right paintings and artwork to hang in the guestrooms as well as our many common spaces. We are Bar Harbor natives and felt compelled to present the best and most representative imagery of the area. We put a great deal of time and thought into our choices, however this six-foot-tall photograph of Otter Cliff in a storm was a no-brainer! No later than the moment we saw it we inquired about having it blown up as large as possible, which turned out to be, well, huge.

March 2018 brought some fascinating weather to Bar Harbor. I’ve lived here all my life, and in 29 years I can’t ever recall seeing surf so dramatic as what I saw for several days this past spring. Photographer Tyler Kimbar of Maine was here to witness is, and he captured the above photograph of his girlfriend, Jasmine, standing atop Otter Cliff in a flowing red dress as a massive wave crashed onto Boulder Beach below. As soon as we saw this image we knew the Inn had to have it so that our guests could enjoy this incredible example of the remarkable acts of nature to be witnessed here in Bar Harbor. Recently, Tyler and his girlfriend came to visit the Inn and posed in front of their photograph–yes, the photo really is that big!

You can find this photo near our back door, adjacent to the stairs as you come up to the main entryway. It really packs a punch when you turn, look up, and see it for the first time–almost like you’re actually there!

Note that for those guests who would like to visit Otter Cliff in person–which we highly recommend–it is just 15 minutes from our doorstep! Heck, you can even climb it with the Atlantic Climbing School if you’re feeling extra adventurous!

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