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December 1st: A Walk in the Park

December 01, 2020 Ron Wrobel
Walking path next to the bay
There seems to be a common misconception that Acadia National Park is “closed” or “mostly closed” in the winter. As an individual who has lived on Mount Desert Island for many years this comes as a surprise to me.
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Winter in Acadia - 2020

November 20, 2020 Maddie
I personally love this time of the year on the island because there are fewer people in Acadia meaning you get a much less crowded experience! In addition to Acadia National Park, the island is also home to many coastal towns; the park winds in and out of these towns meaning that it is never far away and is always accessible.
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Area Recommendations

November 18, 2020 Ron Wrobel
Hiker on mountain
The Shore Path: Roughly a mile in length spanning from the municipal pier to Wayman Lane, the Shore Path is one of Bar Harbor’s longest standing traditions. Open to the public thanks to the generosity of several private land owners, the Shore Path strolls along past spectacular summer cottages and splendid parks. Observe the unique glacial erratic “Balance Rock,” skip some stones, take an evening stroll with an ice cream cone, or perhaps enjoy a breathtaking sunset (or all of the above)!
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Why is the Sea King of a Hundred Streams?

November 10, 2020 Ron Wrobel
Bar Harbor
Ask me each day for a week to identify my favorite place on Mount Desert Island and you’re likely to get seven different answers.
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From our Library: Memoirs, by David Rockefeller

October 12, 2020 Ron Wrobel
David Rockefeller Book Cover
The Inn on Mount Desert is proud to stock a library of a great many books, which predominantly but not exclusively are in some way inspired by the local area. We feel that some light—or not so light, if that’s your preference—reading is a fantastic way to enhance the degree of relaxation during your time in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine (even if it so happens you aren’t here on vacation!). And, of course, we are more than happy to help you find a book that suits your fancy!
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